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Tailspin Trike

Kids will love learning to speed, shift, and spin with the Radio Flyer Tailspin tricycle. Featuring a durable steel frame in bold racing red, this trike has a unique lever that lets kids create spin-outs on command. As a bonus, the Tailspin's seat adjusts to fit kids as they grow. Built for children ages 5 to 8, the Tailspin will give your little rider years of free-wheeling fun.

The Tailspin trike by Radio Flyer gives children the ability to perform amazing spin-outs on command. By pulling on the tricycle's metal lever, kids can deploy the two rotating caster wheels that prop up the back of the trike. Once the regular back wheels are off the ground, the trike is free to spin a full 360 degrees. Kids can spin to stop, change direction, or create their own tricks. Simply ride fast and straight, pull the lever, and let the fun begin.
Built for children ages 5 to 8, the Tailspin can offer free-wheeling adventure for years. The seat can be adjusted farther back to fit older children or moved forward for younger children.
A sturdy steel frame painted in classic Radio Flyer red makes the Tailspin as durable as it is handsome. The wide red pedals allow little feet to rest securely, while the scooped black seat and large white front tire make for a comfortable ride.
Radio Flyer Tailspin tricycle and instructions.

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